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A human-first B2B strategy in the 3D printing industry.


3D printing is a highly technical industry that has broken through to mainstream media and everyday, practical use. This brings about particular challenges and opportunities. For example, marketing within the industry depends on understanding complex technology and then translating it into clear and concise language that people can understand.

B2B marketing is still marketing to people, and our success in the 3D printing industry is indebted to that fact. As with all technological industries, agility is paramount. We operate at the advanced limits of the technology, always informed and responsive with our marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Our expertise in 3D printing

Marketers must become industry experts to execute successful market strategies.


Market Research

We provide marketing strategies and multi-media marketing materials targeted to 3D engineers, designers, and businesses. Our marketing efforts centre on simplifying the complex printing process and directing it to the decision-makers of companies that would benefit from connecting with designers and inventors and the potential to apply 3D printing to achieve business goals. 

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There is a selection of processes and methods, defined by how layers are deposited and which material is used to build the model, and each has its advantages. We have a full understanding of each: Vat photopolymerization; Material jetting; Binder jetting; Powder bed fusion; Material extrusion; Directed energy deposition; Sheet lamination. 

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3D printing has undergone a massive transformation in recent years. It is being used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, medical, food, fashion, transportation, firearm, health, education, cultural heritage and preservation and restoration, and many more. 

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Ultimate B2B Customer Experience

Our latest report explores the four brand “superpowers” that allow B2B marketers to create the ultimate B2B customer experience.