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Kubator family

We are an international team of passionate designers and marketing specialists with decades of success in the field.

I started in design and marketing, but quickly discovered that teams in organizations need way more than only marketing to grow. I took a deep journey to find the best solutions how to guide teams on their journey to grow their organzation and became an expert in:

👉 facilitation
👉 learning and development
👉 organizational development
👉 design thinking
👉 marketing
👉 psychology

… and I`m always ready for a round of golf 🏌️‍♂️⛳️

My creative journey started over 20 years ago with the love of photography. Afterwards, design came, with an apprenticeship as a media designer, deepening my design knowledge over the years and studying marketing. I have never lost the muse for creative work. It gives me an enormous boost when my design helps our clients achieve success. Working in a team with different characters keeps me fresh and motivates me every day.


I’m a digital designer turned marketer. My work has always been driven by a desire to deliver impeccable results and outperform my past self. I’m a firm believer in simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication and of putting utility at the heart of every endeavour. Regardless of the scope of a given project, a constant stride toward excellence is what leads me throughout the process.

I have always loved writing. For me, being able to turn my hobby into a profession is a privilege that not everyone has. And I’m very grateful for that. What I love most about my job is the variety. Simultaneously writing highly technical material and copy for clients in tourism, for example, presents me with a daily challenge, which for me is what makes my work so appealing.

In my role as bookkeeper, I’m responsible for Kubator’s accounts, and I love working with the team here. The people in the agency make every day worth it, and I’ve always felt at home with the Kubator culture.

Raised by Punk-Rock, MS Paint, and many video games, I slowly became just an odd outsider with a head full of nonsense. After successfully failing IT School, I searched for something that combined my interests in digital media and design. I found the job of Digital Designer with Kubator, which is a great place for my creativity, thoughts, and not-so-great-social-skills, to receive a lot of knowledge and inspiration. It’s an overall phenomenal place to work, learn, and tell a lot of bad jokes.

Graphic Design means everything to me. In my role as Junior Media Designer, I get to apply my knowledge to help our clients succeed, and I love seeing how my work impacts businesses. The Kubator culture rewards initiative, and I feel as though I’m really thriving here.

Design has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I love working at Kubator because everyone in the team shares my level of passion for what we do every day. 

I am a passionate design thinker and problem solver. I am open-minded and always striving to learn, grow, and develop professionally and personally. Within the broad spectrum of design, I specialise in graphic, web, and product design.

I love original content that dares to engage audiences in new, unconventional manners. I believe in bold and brand-centred approaches in marketing. Also, an individual’s approach to work is just as important as the output. I believe in collaboration, transparency, caring about performance, honesty, and respect – this applies unconditionally and equally to internal team relationships and external client associations.

I’ve always loved doing something creative, whether it’s painting or redesigning my room. That’s how I got the idea to become a media designer, and now I’m here. The balance to work I find in the gym, with my family, and with my boyfriend. So I can always start the day motivated.

Bio coming soon

Visual art is something that can inspire, the inspired can continue to inspire others to see the world, the blank sheet in a new light. It can also communicate ideas and abstract concepts, change outlooks, motivate, all very meaningful things. Life is not about standing still, life is about reinvention, and therefore for me, the greatest challenge within this field is creating something that is engaging and unique/fresh in some way.


A selection of industries in which we’ve achieved outstanding results for our clients.

Fiber optics

Aside from our expertise in B2B marketing, we succeed in the fiber optic industry by developing our knowledge of our client’s products, the technology, and the industry to an expert level.

Block storage

We partner with some of the most notable solution architects, storage experts, and open-source developers to create and implement strategies to succeed in highly competitive niche markets.

3D printing

We target decision-makers with campaigns that demonstrate the potential of 3D printing. Our strategies always revolve around how 3D printing can solve a business challenge.




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