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Our years of experience in B2B marketing for block storage clients have been inspiring. We’re proud to have partnered with some of the industry’s sharpest minds – solutions architects, storage experts, and open-source developers who are responsible for the backbone of all web applications, businesses, and organizations. Our marketing efforts target decision-makers in highly competitive niche markets for hi-tech and enterprise IT solutions, creating unique learning events and webinars to attract prospective clients. 

The overriding principle behind our marketing strategies for our block storage clients is the free exchange of ideas. We’re building a community around our clients’ ideas, which reflects the offer of their open-source software. Our long-term strategies echo the unique nature of the client and the industry, which can only be done with extensive knowledge of the industry, but it’s been a defining factor behind our success. 

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Case Studies​

In-depth accounts of how we achieved meaningful results in fiber optics.

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Go-to-market plan for block storage solution provider for private cloud infrastructures

marketing strategy

Increasing ROI through categorising MQLs and SQLs

marketing strategy

Webinars for strengthening relationships and shortening sales cycles

Our expertise in Block Storage

Marketers must become industry experts to execute successful market strategies.


Market Research

The block storage, SDS, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery markets are some of the most dynamic B2B and tech environments. Major companies such as IBM, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are among the leaders and some of the most innovative startups in the tech sphere. To remain competitive is an ongoing challenge, and even a little insight into market fragmentation, future trends, and new developments can make a difference. We keep close relationships with the sales department and prospective clients, extracting every bit of information about their particular plans and interests. We also keep an eye on the bigger picture with major marketing trends, trajectories of essential competitors, and feedback from our current clients and partners. We combine all this information with critical data in our analysis to see what nobody else can. 

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The current transformation of the storage industry towards highly available and software-defined solutions pushes many companies to change the support system for their operations, processes, and online applications. Therefore, we reach out to managers and key decision-makers of organizations looking to remain competitive. By providing demos, examples, and case studies, we can show them how integrating the proper storage solution can help them lower their expenditures. 

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Key Events

By hosting and organizing online events, such as webinars, Q&A sessions, lectures, and presentations, we’re capable of staying one storage solutions aim to be as simple as possible and cut costs for IT personnel, so providing direct access to the console screen is always appreciated by potential clients.  

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Community Building and Management

Gaining the trust of a client is just as important as keeping a client. A long-term relationship is always more beneficial, as it provides status, prove step ahead of the competition. Our prospective clients can talk directly to the developers and see if the storage technology will fit their particular needs. They can gain more insight from our demo sessions, assess how the product performs in real-time, its ease of use, and calculate how well it will integrate within their current operations and processes. Modern s your reliability, and helps establish more contacts. Within the storage industry, this is even more important than other B2B and tech sectors. Our experience proves that building a community where members can freely talk to each other could be seen as a risky move, but it can also be highly beneficial. We know that not all of our users are necessarily top experts, and in a sphere with constant and rapid technological development, you have to keep learning to stay afloat. Therefore, we aim to provide online channels to help and promote our clients and partners to communicate with each other and the developers who build the software they use. This brings trust, increases the involvement of our clients, and helps them obtain a valuable channel to gain new insights and ideas to stay competitive in their respective fields. Moreover, it helps detect and remove bugs and issues faster, and this is highly respected in an area where even small mistakes could potentially cost millions of dollars. 

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Ultimate B2B Customer Experience

Our latest report explores the four brand “superpowers” that allow B2B marketers to create the ultimate B2B customer experience.