What is Workshoppable?


What is Workshoppable?
What is Workshoppable?

Become a qualified workshop facilitator

What is Workshoppable?

Workshoppable is a training program designed to help people in companies boost their careers by becoming expert workshop facilitators. Visit the website to see for yourself: https://workshoppable.com/  

The course is inspired by the Design Sprint. If this is a new concept to you, a Design Sprint is a step-by-step process for solving big problems and validating ideas in just one week. The default product development cycle doesn’t check how customers will react until after you launch. The Design Sprint validates new ideas fast before you invest time and money to build them. 

Though Workshoppable is based on the Design Sprint, it’s tailored to company employees, and this is the critical distinguishing feature of the training program. 

Meetings are dead, and we, creators of Workshoppable, have tapped into a new and better way for people at work to use their time better. All companies that embrace workshops (including ours) quickly discover that the employees interact with each other in a more engaged, interested, and productive manner. Furthermore, the company achieves better results than before, with steep increases in productivity and efficiency. 

Here are some benefits that companies that embrace workshops can enjoy:

  • Dream Big – Setting ambitious objectives is a central part of the workshop process, so companies can set their sights high and watch as the workshop process helps them get there.
  • Shake Things Up – Companies that review and evolve processes are far more likely to succeed, especially in uncertain financial times.  
  • Save Time – The overall workshop process is far more time-effective than dozens of meetings and endless back-and-forths.  
  • Create Alignment – Through intentionally designed exercises, multiple stakeholders are included in the idea development process, creating personal investment in the solution, leading to fewer misalignments and misunderstandings. Get the right people in a room, clear their calendars, and align the team on the solution you want to solve.  
  • Achieve Better Results – Whether it’s creating better experiences, establishing a new brand or business, or developing a winning strategy, workshops have proven to be the best method of success. 

What facilitation program is right for me?

Workshoppable is just one of the facilitation courses out there, but it might be the right facilitation course for you if you’re a professional working in a corporate looking to expand your skill set and boost your career. 

Look at all the benefits stated in the previous section again! When you start facilitating workshops for your team, everyone will be aware of the positive upturn in results and aware that you are responsible for them. Then it might be time to ask for that pay rise or promotion if it hasn’t been offered to you already! 

Alternatively, if you’re an aspiring junior employee or currently unemployed, the Workshoppable facilitation course is a fantastic way to add a new skill to your CV and become more employable. We’ve already covered the potential benefits to a company in this post. But, without doubt, a Workshoppable qualification would make someone far more employable, and this is your chance to get ahead on the workshop wave before the majority of other people. Somehow, workshops are still relatively unpractised in most industries and companies, and getting ahead would make all the difference to your career. 

Why we created Workshoppable

A few of our team completed the AJ&Smart Design Sprint program and naturally implemented workshops into our daily processes at work. We then altered the delivery and methods to suit our marketing industries and were amazed by the outcome. We achieved better results in a shorter amount of time than ever before. Also, our clients have loved every minute of the energetic and productive Workshoppable sessions. 

Our clients never want to attend a passive, routine meeting ever again, and neither do we. We are certain that workshops are the way forward, and there is a gap in the market. Workshoppable is a facilitation course for corporate employees looking to boost their careers. As a marketing and collaboration agency workshops have worked wonders for us. Workshoppable will work for you too! Check it out: https://workshoppable.com/  

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