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The fiber optic industry is complex, challenging, and always exciting.


Marketing within the fiber optic industry requires an expert-level understanding of current and future trends. Our clients pioneer innovation and agility; side by side, we operate at the forefront of technological breakthroughs and exciting product developments. More than anything else, we believe that our expertise in the industry is what elevates our agency’s B2B marketing performance.

To perform in a complex industry, we must communicate well with our clients, extract the technical information we need, and show initiative. We are responsible for learning about the industry. We research and educate ourselves on fiber optic technology, informing our marketing process with invaluable, accurate, and current information.

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Our expertise in Fiber Optics

Marketers must become industry experts to execute successful market strategies.


Optical fiber

We have experience marketing high-quality optical fiber that our client produces at its facilities. Our knowledge of the process of making optical fiber – Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition – is extensive, along with the many variables that help differentiate between standard and high-quality optical fiber: a low water peak, reduced sensitivity to bends, its strength, structural integrity, and long service life.  

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Optical fiber preforms

One of our clients creates optical fiber preforms at their facility. We have used this as an opportunity to learn as much as we can about the process and purpose of optical fiber preforms to support our client’s marketing and business objectives. A preform is the glass rod from which optical fiber is drawn, and its structure can be divided into three sections depending on the glass volumes: core, inner cladding, and outer cladding. Year on year, we help our client sell more optical fiber preforms through our marketing efforts. 

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FTTX installations and infrastructure maintenance

FTTx installations could involve active and passive fiber optic equipment, including the optical fiber, the protective cable solution, connectivity systems, and components. Cabinet & Utility Hole Monitoring, for example, is a high-security solution for critical links. Marketing for clients who offer FTTx installations and infrastructure maintenance depends upon understanding the technology inside out and identifying businesses that need the service. 

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Fiber optic cables

Optical fiber cables support industries of all kinds around the world. The optical fiber needs to be protected to perform in specific environments, and successful marketing depends on knowing what optical fiber cable solutions apply to which industry. The potential of optical fiber is vast, too. It can be used for data transmission or various sensing applications to secure perimeters and infrastructures, even paving the way to a Smart future. 

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Optical fiber armouring

Successful marketing of optical fiber armouring depends on understanding the specific purpose of the armouring material (steel stranding, polymer, basalt, and many others) and then targeting the industries and businesses that require the optical fiber armouring to achieve their business goals. For example, optical fiber in certain environments, such as high pressure/high temperature (HPHT), requires a specific armour to survive and perform. 

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Optical Fiber sensing (DAS/DTS)

Optical fiber sensing includes Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DTS), Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Structural Health Monitoring, and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). The potential of this innovative technology is almost limitless, and our marketing efforts centre on targeting decision-makers who would benefit from the use of optical fiber sensing. We may even have to introduce the possibility to some. It’s about identifying which businesses would benefit from optical fiber sensing, educating them on the technology, and convincing them to choose our client’s products and services. 

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