Generating rapid growth through employer branding

How we assisted NBG’s rapid growth by helping the organization define and express the advantages of working for them.

The Challenge

NBG is a fiber optics company based in Austria. They’re an innovative and future-facing organization regarding the products they create and how they operate internally. As NBG’s sole marketing agency, we were tasked with raising the quality of NBG’s employer branding to help accelerate a period of rapid growth.

We needed to select the best methods to reflect the true nature of the generous and fair organization. They support all employees equally, invest in people’s futures, and operate within a flat hierarchy with utmost trust and respect.


NBG Careers

The careers page of NBG leads with the values that define NBG, providing the visitor with all the crucial information they need to know before considering the company. We understand that 64% of job seekers believe that a company’s careers page is a valuable resource when searching for a job.

Our experience with our client’s highly technical industry led us to make efforts on the page to alleviate any potential concerns that a deep knowledge of fiber optic technology is required for the position.

With the help of key individuals, we define the advantages of working in NBG. As a result, there are 16 key advantages, including a guarantee that NBG will invest in the continued education of its employees, fully support remote and flexible work when possible, and arrange and finance several celebrations each year.

kununu certified NBG’s excellence towards employees, resulting in the company being awarded the titles “TOP Company” and “Open Company,” with a strong rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and a recommendation from 92% of employees.

NBG Talents

NBG Talents is a multi-channel social strategy that shares snippets of what it’s like to be an NBG employee.

We knew that authenticity and detail would be the most powerful tools in communicating what it was like to work at NBG. Any company can make a claim, but most employees at NBG don’t realize how great it is to be employed at the company before they join. 

Therefore, by sharing authentic and insightful content about little moments at the company, we can give people a live and updating idea of how it might be before they join. Social channels allow us to post regular content, creating a strong brand with a consistent message. 


Over two years, we helped the NBG group grow from 40 to 220 people. Rapid growth is a challenge for any company, and our work in employer branding has eased the process. New employees joined the company with an accurate insight into the philosophy and approach of the company. There were no nasty surprises once joining the company, and they could integrate themselves into the company culture due to the precise way we helped NBG define and express the many advantages of working for them.

Employee Growth


40 to 220 people in two years

Active on Social Media

revealing authentic company culture

NBG’s employer branding is a dynamic and ever-evolving project thanks to our multi-channel social strategy that supports every claim made on the company’s career page. The result is an authentic account of a brand that truly supports, respects, and helps employees grow.

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