Go-to-market plan for block storage solution provider for private cloud infrastructures


LINBIT is a globally operating Austrian IT company that focuses on high availability, disaster recovery, and block storage management. Kubator was hired in June 2020, tasked with the responsibility of LINBIT’s full 360° marketing and lead generation activities in June 2020. 

We analysed LINBIT’s sales territories, identifying the US and the EEA as primary targets in the finance, IT (HW & SW), and Cloud Provider industries. In addition, our competition analysis returned RedHat GS, StorPool, and DataCore as the most likely, so we established LINBIT’s value proposition and began outlining their unique positioning in the industry. 

The Challenge

Our primary challenge was to produce a GTM Strategy that represents LINBIT accurately and well in front of its partners in joint product launches. In addition, the strategy had to introduce resellers most efficiently to the company products along with the reasoning that supported the products. 

Our Solution

We tightly aligned the GTM Strategy with sales through multiple iterative update cycles (3 months). Sales enablement was a crucial part of our strategy, ensuring that sales always have access to all collateral material segmented by the target audience. The material needed to be devised in such a way to be easily accessible for all customer calls and meetings.

Our Sales Enablement covered:

Sales Enablement: The market opportunity

Disruptive forces are reshaping the markets. Customer behaviour and digital expectations are changing. There are expanded risks for security and fraud, and increasing regulatory compliance is a burden. Digital platform providers are reshaping the industry. 

The storage industry is evolving. By 2025, 50% of enterprises will shift toward operating expenditure (OpEx)-based storage consumption models. 


We identified four primary RTM channels:

Direct Sales (Subscription)

Marketplaces & Catalogues

Partner & Reseller /VAR


Our solution concluded that LINBIT is most suited for users who value speed and cost-effectiveness over usability and features. They are a highly secure, fast, reliable, and modern solution tailored to the needs and size of a bank/financial institution. 

LINBIT has reduced I/O and CPU demands, increased security, resilience, and data integrity of transactions. As a result, its total ownership costs are lower, compliance is simplified, and a reduced time to deploy. 

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