Increasing organic traffic through SEO


NBG is a 360 optical fiber solution conglomerate. Their flagship product is FIMT (Fiber in Metal Tube), although the holding is comprised of several subsidiaries dealing in everything from preform production to FTTx installations. The company utilises several websites for different target markets but their primary one is 

NBG is unique in many respects. They’re the only supplier of entirely customizable FIMTs, and handle production at their state-of-the-art facilities. A company with so much going for them deserved more visitors and a bespoke SEO strategy that reflected its quality in the industry. 

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The Challenge

2021 brought on a series of challenges for all businesses regardless of their size or their industry. As a result, NBG strategically decided to expand its online presence and set goals for improving its website performance to attract more inbound leads. 

One way we supported them through this process was by devising and implementing an in-depth SEO plan. The website was ranking poorly in domain authority, organic traffic, referring domains, and backlinks. As a result, the site was failing at performing its purpose of generating leads. Utilising the specialist talent of our team, which for this project we identified as copywriting, content creation, and SEO, we set out to deliver the results NBG deserved. 



Competition analysis

We conducted an assessment of our client’s competition, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of its current and potential competitors. This assessment helped us identify various opportunities and threats and further understand what made NBG stand out. 

Keyword analysis

Our research in keywords informed all our written content. The analysis uncovered strategic opportunities to empower particular pages on the website and build campaigns around keywords to improve SEO and domain authority.

Audience analysis

The first step of our audience analysis process involved segmenting the audience and creating unique buyer personas for the various segment bases; we needed to know who we wanted to reach to optimize their content. Next, we conducted keyword research and drafted content ideas with audience analysis supporting our decisions. 

Link Building

We established numerous strong relationships with publications in the fiber optic industry to establish some authentic and meaningful backlinks. For example, NBG is a member of FOSA (Fiber Optic Sensing Association). We arranged and held expert webinars for them and had various blog posts linked to their newsletter. 

We developed a similarly strong relationship with the FTTH council and Europages, capitalising on each relationship to contribute relevant and engaging material that they want to share within their content. 

We managed to get referring domains to the NBG site from several high authority domains with a score between 60 and 85, including,,,, and To achieve this, we established strong working relationships with local news sources, even hosting events and welcoming reporters to the NBG facilities for interviews. It was all part of helping NBG become a thought leader in the industry, highly respected, regularly commenting, and present. 


We optimised SEO, using long-tail keywords, refining the meta titles, URL, and descriptions, but only after a complete overhaul of the content on the website. To achieve this, we worked closely with NBG’s experts to write technically accurate, engaging, SEO-optimised content with intelligent internal and external links on all pages. 

Segmenting the audience was a crucial step in the success of the NBG newsletter, enabling us to direct each one to a specific segment. By doing this, we ensured that each recipient received completely relevant material. The newsletter content was always original, often involving video production to share a new development or an exciting piece of internal news. 

In addition to the newsletter, we set up the NBG blog and posted regularly about industry updates, internal news, and information that we knew our target audience would appreciate. We wanted to reach the relevant people, share NBG’s message and products with authenticity, and convince people to choose NBG for their company’s fiber optic solutions. 

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