Storytelling in marketing


Storytelling in marketing

Marketing started to become a science in the 1950s. But, of course, companies were already trying various approaches to get their clients’ attention (and money) for quite some time. Still, the 50s is when people realized that they could apply valuable insights to be more successful. One of them was storytelling. 


Storytelling in marketing helps companies build a stronger connection with their customers, and the reason for it is pretty simple. It gives the company a human feel because who tells stories better than humans? Telling a story is as human as it gets. A great example of excellent brand storytelling is Volvo. In most of their communications, they position their vehicles as a symbol of love, care, and safety. Volvo doesn’t produce the most exciting, fast, or beautiful cars, but they make some of the safest. 

Building a strong connection with customers is not the only positive result of storytelling. One of the leading marketing goals is to instruct, and the human brain loves new information and education. The easiest way is not to show charts, whitepapers, and numbers but to tell the story. 


We retain information most effectively through first-hand experiences, which for most companies is hard to do for all of their customers, and that’s where storytelling comes in. We are empathetic creatures, so that’s why we can quickly identify with a character we read about or watch in a video. If that character’s story is similar to ours, experiencing the same struggles as us, the effect on the brain is close to a first-hand experience. 

How to tell a story in marketing?


A few main elements are enough to tell a great story as a marketer, and they can be the same techniques a fiction writer uses to create a story. 

1. Create a relatable main character 

The main character is vital to a good story, immediately making the tale more relatable. The character must appeal to the story’s viewers and should be interesting enough to leave an impression. 

2. Set up the elements at the start 

With the massively overcrowded marketing world, getting the reader or viewer hooked on the story at first glance is crucial. One way to do that is to have a direct title that demands attention. 

3. Create conflict 

If you think about your favorite movies and books, they all have one thing in common: The main character experiences conflict and overcomes. 

4. Keep it authentic 

Authenticity is a feature we value most in other people. Being natural and genuine to oneself is an attractive quality. 

There are many elements to being a good marketer who knows how to attract customers. However, one shared characteristic between excellent marketing specialists is the ability to tell a good story. 

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