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SEO Audit

What we do

We can conduct a comprehensive SEO Audit to maximise the potential of your website. Our complimentary Full Site Audit Reports explore every page to analyse which parts of the website have any issues, ultimately returning an overall site health percentage.

Quickly identifying and rectifying problems will help search engines recognise your online presence and rank your content higher. If there are ways to attract a higher proportion of your target audience to your business, our SEO Audit will find them, sourcing opportunities and removing barriers.

Repairing and optimising Core Web Vitals is one of the critical tasks within our SEO Audit because doing so will increase your site’s visibility on Google.

What are Core Web Vitals?

LCP refers to the loading time of the media and text on the page. It’s essential to the user experience that visitors can access the content they’re looking for without too much delay.

FID measures the time between a user inputting an action and the page executing it. This can often be improved by compressing CSS files and a total review of the code.

CLS marks your site’s visual stability as it loads. It’s another critical consideration in improving the user experience and SEO performance.

By focussing on these Core Web Vitals and drastically improving the user experience, we make sure that the Google algorithm ranks your website high, maximising your site’s potential and contributing to your company’s goals.

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