What is Employer Branding & Why Every Organization Needs to Know? 


What is Employer Branding?

Engaging in Employer Branding as a company is taking control over your company’s reputation concerning potential new hires, current employees, and key stakeholders. When an organization wants to accurately communicate or improve its reputation as an employer, it engages in Employer Branding. 

What do an organization’s current employees think of them? How is the organization perceived from the outside by people thinking about applying for a position? These questions are central to the role of Employer Branding, and it’s an essential part of the brand that shouldn’t be overlooked. It should be managed! 

Why does Employer Branding need to be managed?

The concept of a brand can seem intangible sometimes. It is often described by comparing it to ‘what people say about you when you’re not in the room.’ However, the fact that a brand is like this is why it needs to be managed. 

An organization’s reputation lives in the minds of those who work for them and those who may one day work for them. Everyone will most likely have some opinion about an organization that comes from any point of contact – from a fleeting online experience from an out-of-work person thinking about applying after learning about a company from a job advert to an employee with decades of hands-on experience working for an organization for decades. Everyone has an opinion. 

When organizations fail to manage these opinions, they leave their brand’s reputation to chance. Every brand touchpoint will leave an impression on a person. The culmination of these countless impressions will determine the organization’s chances of hiring and retaining the key people in the company. 

How do you build an Employer Brand?

As with most branding exercises, there isn’t one way to attain a positive outcome. Among the many areas of focus that help build a strong employer brand is a strong careers page that has been expertly designed on research and strategy and a system of rewarding current employees for their performance and loyalty. 

To begin work on employer branding, an organization must first understand its Unique Value Proposition (UVP), conduct an Employer Brand Audit, and craft a bespoke Employee Value Proposition. Only then should a company think about sharing its brand with the world, and that’s when it’s time to devise an Employer Branding Strategy. 

On the one hand, Employer Branding is an intimidating task because it’s an attempt to manage something that can’t be controlled, but Employer Branding experts can guide you through the process. We have over a decade of experience delivering services in Employer Branding for start-ups to international businesses of +300 employees. You can book a free discovery session with one of our experts to see if we might be a good fit for your brand. 

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